Precision's Popular All-Purpose
9 Cell Canopy

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The Falcon 9 cell canopy was introduced by Precision Aerodynamics in 1986. The canopy was designed utilizing the same successful "sizing techniques" which had become so popular in the Raven main/reserve. The idea of producing a different canopy size for a specific weight range was quickly picked up by other manufacturers. The Falcon blueprints call for F-111 fabric and either Dacron or Spectra suspension line. The canopy is available in nine different model sizes, ranging from 120 to 300 square feet. The larger canopies, when jumped at the lower end of the weight range, provide docile and forgiving flight characteristics making the Falcon ideal for use by students and novice jumpers. The Falcon is a favorite canopy many drop zone's Accelerated Freefall applications. When jumped at the upper end of the weight range, the airfoil transforms into a zippy sportster mode, while maintaining predictable dynamic flight stability and soft and easy landings.

The airfoil and aspect ratio are not the same as any other Precision canopy, but the construction techniques used in the assembly were taken directly from the highly successful Raven plan, presumably because of the proven weight/pack volume ratio. As a matter of fact, like its sister 7 cell Raven, the Falcon 9 cell was fully drop tested in accordance with TSO C-23c, Category B. As such, it carries the approval of the FAA's TSO stamp, allowing it to also be packed as a reserve. This is a little-known fact which Precision has never elected to use as a marketing tool in the civilian world, but is probably a key factor in the success of the canopy in military applications worldwide.

During the recent assault on the world record for the most parachute jumps made during 24 hours, Raeford's Jay Stokes used Falcon mains and Raven Reserves. The sturdy and reliable Falcon 9 cell made all 131 jumps without any problems, and it may have been selected for its opening and landing characteristics. Many of those jumps were made at night, and the reserve never had to be used.

The retail price for the Falcon canopy ranges from $1238 for the small canopies to $1398 for the large canopies. There are no extra charges for Microline or custom colors.
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