to Jeffro Provenzano and Team Xaos  

Jeffro Provenzano has won the PST's 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup and $6,000 in cash! 

27 Pro/Am qualified pilots competed in the eight round competition which featured two rounds of Speed, Distance, Accuracy and Freestlyle. The event also included a two round Team Speed competition which Nick Boyd and Matt Lewis won. The pair took home gold medals and $375 each. 

Jeffro executed and landed the first ever "Miracle Man" Freestyle manuver at the Mile Hi Canopy Cup! The Miracle Man is a one and a half "Blindman" move where Jeffro went 360 degrees around in the harness while swooping on the pond and then made it out for a successfull landing! 

The 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup was one of the best competitions the Pro Swooping Tour has ever organized.

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