The Synergy

The Synergy is a 7-cell lightly elliptical zero porosity canopy that has been described as "possibly the best all-around parachute that Precision has ever produced." From pitching the pilot chute opening the canopy to pulling the toggles landing the canopy, we have developed a parachute that delivers predictably consistent performance tuned to the styles of both newcomers and old-timers alike.

Precision Aerodynamics president George Galloway has been jumping out of airplanes since 1972, enjoying an interesting career as a pilot, parachute designer and test jumper. He is "A-License qualified" on reserve rides alone, and certainly has his choice of any canopy out there. He chooses to jump the Synergy. "During my career of skydiving, I have seen 'em all and made most of them", referring to the fact that he has seen and manufactured everything from military rounds to cross-braced pocket rockets. "At the bottom end of a skydive, the Synergy gives me the kind of solid performance I like without having the worries associated with little zip wings. If I have to, I can settle the Synergy into a back yard or some other off-dz area without much concern."

The Synergy was designed specifically to be performance-sensitive depending on its wing loading. If you load the Synergy in the range of 0.8 to 1.0 lbs/sqft, the gentle and docile ride is appropriate even for novice parachutists. As you increase the wing loading toward the maximum of 1.5 lbs/sqft, the Synergy transforms into a  quickly responsive and speedy ride that will prepare you for moving up to higher performance 9 cell ellipticals.

Easy Openings and Flight Stability
Most all 7-cell non-rectangular mains on the market today are made out of zero-porosity fabric and exhibit a couple of very attractive characteristics, namely easy openings and rock solid flight stability. The Synergy has been aerodynamically tuned to maximize these traits, and at the end of the ride there is still plenty of energy left to produce a powerful landing flare with a relatively short toggle stroke. 

The Stabilribs
Like all other canopies in the Ground Zero project, the Synergy is designed and manufactured with our exclusive Stabilrib technology, wherein the outboard suspension lines are attached directly to the bottom of the stabilizer panels, eliminating flight flutter and contributing to the solid flight control and landing flare. Take a look at the stabilizers during flight on the canopy you are jumping now, and then compare that with your experience under the Synergy. The difference is remarkable, and when combined with the HMA lines, the result is increased flight efficiency that translates into returning you to the airport when others just can't make it back. 

The Lines The Synergy is lined with a High Modulus Aramid fiber specially constructed for us to use in the Synergy and other Ground Zero canopies. The rigging is continuous, meaning that there are no cascades in the lines between the links and the canopy. The HMA line is very thin, and the reduction in parasite drag is clearly evident to anybody who jumps the canopy. Line drag is a significant factor in several elements of flight, and any reduction to drag in any wing is beneficial to higher efficiency flight. The HMA line wears better than Vectran, has the strength of Spectra, retains its original trim like Kevlar, and has all of the good qualities of Dacron without the bulk. HMA line is available in 352, 440, and 946-pound tensile strengths, and the braided diameter is smaller than either Spectra or Vectran. Our experience during the past two years indicates that HMA line not only packs smaller, it also tolerates the slider's friction quite remarkably, while at the same time retains its linear stability as well as Vectran.

Wrap-Ittm Soft Links 
Wrap-It tm Soft links are standard.

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